Speed of Sound

From individual motorsport teams to the 2015 BloodhoundSSC (Super Sonic Car) land speed record attempt - Aireshelta supports UK and international Motorsport (team sport shelter, Bloodhound)


BloodhoundSSC 30 degree left medium jun13Aireshelta Motorsport has been providing shelters to professional and amateur motorsport for many years, from individual teams competing in all classes, up to Formula 1 and the forthcoming - and very large scale - Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) attempt to establish a new land speed record of 1000 mph (faster than the speed of sound).

Aireshelta can custom design and manufacture shelter designs for a huge variety of tasks.  A number of our staff race cars themselves and understand the needs of motorsport teams.

4.5m wide x 5m long.   Available in a wide variety of colours. As the name suggests this particular shelter was designed to accommodate a standard size car and allow both doors to be opened when parked inside.  The CarPod is aimed at the individual driver running his own car.  Allows rapid deployment and does away with the chance of bending poles / legs as with a conventional frame type shelter.

3.2m x 3.2m.   Ideal for Kart racers or motorcycle racers.  It can also fit a small hatchback inside. Available in any colour or multiples of colours (as with the CarPod)

Economy Shelter:  
This is a no frills basic unit. 3.6m wide x 5m long.  

Ease and speed of deployment
Shelters from Aireshelta are designed to be quick and easy to erect.  Being inflatable, the units go up quickly once the air pump inflates the supporting sealed beams. Shelters can be Sealed Beam or Continuous Air, depending on application or personal preference.

Airesheltas are robust and reliable
Sealed beam construction gives shelters from Aireshelta much greater strength in all weathers than flimsier shelter systems, and wide standing pads and water-filled side skirts provide strong anchoring.

Vehicle and equipment maintenance
Racing vehicles of all classes can be repaired and maintained in the field using inflatable garages supplied by Aireshelta. Shelters can be designed to allow equipment containers and portable workshops to be integrated through sidewalls.  Military forces have been long standing users of Aireshelta shelters in this role.

Webimageautokevin-wendtVehicle preparation, maintenance and shelter, pit stops and equipment storage
Motorsport teams require safe, secure storage of vehicles and support equipment. Aireshelta shelters deliver the space and robustness required for racing in all weathers.  Shelter sizes are flexible and available in three main product family options.

Wide range of fabric types, colours and styles
Shelter colours can be selected from a wide variety of options to reflect team livery or corporate identity, thereby building brand profile at events.

Tented villages, potential for expansion
Modular shelters can be linked together to expand capacity, thereby increasing working or storage areas.